Future Architecture

Keeping up with the speed of innovation in the information technology space in a connected world presents a major challenge to any company with a software intensive strategy. At the same time the ever increasing strategic impact of information technology solutions for businesses, demands ever more reliable systems that are fit-for-purpose and have a reasonable time-to-market. However, current software architectures do not have the necessary completeness or versatility to provide a reliable basis for complex time and mission critical systems that are typically technologically heterogeneous, geographically dispersed and require functional adaptive behavior. The INAETICS architecture bridges that gap, allowing companies to focus on delivering domain-specific business-relevant solutions.

The Goal

The INAETICS goal is to define and demonstrate a dynamic service oriented reference architecture that addresses the requirements of time critical systems in a broad range of domains by providing a single design and implementation space for all subsystems, irrespective of control strategy. By providing system-wide consistency and avoiding architectural impedance intermediaries the architecture will support organizational as well as functional scalability, allowing adopters to streamline and accelerate their entire product lifecycle.

Open Innovation

The INAETICS project is a collaboration between a number of organizations, based on the principles of Open Innovation. The INAETICS partners collaborate and share their expertise in order to realize a shared vision of an open and robust architecture for the next generation of time critical systems. INAETICS is publicly funded by the European Union and the government of The Netherlands.

Some Background

In late 2012, a number of companies with a software intensive strategy started project the INAETICS project. This project is aimed at enabling the participants to harness the changed speed of evolution in information technology using an open, shared architecture. The INAETICS project is a publicly funded collaboration where a number of industry-parties collaborate to design an open and robust architecture.

INAETICS is publicly funded by

INEATICS is publicly funded by the European Union and the government of The Netherlands

European Regional Development Fund

Gelderland & Overijssel