INtelligent robust ArchitecturE for TIme Critical Systems

Our goal

The INAETICS goal is to define and demonstrate a dynamic service oriented reference architecture that addresses the requirements of time critical systems in a broad range of domains by providing a single design and implementation space for all subsystems, irrespective of control strategy. By providing system-wide consistency and avoiding architectural impedance intermediaries the architecture will support organizational as well as functional scalability, allowing adopters to streamline and accelerate their entire product lifecycle.


Open innovation

The INAETICS partners collaborate and share their expertise in order to realize a shared vision of an open and robust architecture for the next generation of time critical systems based on the principle of Open Innovation.


The INAETICS project is intended to create economic opportunities in the field of time-critical and security- sensitive systems by creating new insights and solutions using an open, collaborative approach develoment.

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Time-critical systems have strong economic, social and security requirements driving their availability and robustness. Illustrative examples of time-critical systems are radar systems for security applications, energy networks, production systems for oil and gas. Each of these systems have to meet extraordinary rigorousness demands. The design of these systems is therefore critical and sometimes literally of vital importance in order to minimize the risks of external attacks like hackers or viruses. Another challenge is posed by the increasing size and complexity of these systems. In general current architectures are not designed to meet these challenges. The project INAETICS (Intelligent robust architecture for Time Critical Systems) is aimed at the design and development of a wide range of applications using an open, collaborative approach.

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The Consortium


The INAETICS consortium consists of industry leaders, SMEs and and a research institution located in the Dutch provinces Overijssel and Gelderland.

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INAETICS is publicly funded by

INEATICS is publicly funded by the European Union and the government of The Netherlands

European Regional Development Fund

Gelderland & Overijssel