November 22, 2013

The network company Alliander, based in Arnhem, consists a.o. of the business units Liander, Endinet and Liandon. The aggregated revenues of the business units for 2012 were approximately € 1.7 billion.
Liander grid operator forms the core of the Alliander group, accounting for about 85% of revenues and manages the gas and electricity networks in the provinces of Gelderland,  Friesland, Flevoland, Noord-Holland and parts of Zuid-Holland. These activities are subject of the Dutch regulatory framework. Endinet Ltd. is responsible for the operation, maintenance and design of the electricity and gas grids in the regions of Eindhoven and Oost-Brabant. Liandon is also a member of the Alliander group and designs, realizes and maintains complex energy infrastructures for customers for high-voltage, complex medium-voltage and industrial installations. Alliander also holds some Germany based activities under its German holding company Alliander A.G. Activities in Germany include grid management and the design and maintenance of public lighting in the City of Berlin.

As our society becomes more and more inter and hyper connected, the dangers of attacks on electricity networks increases every day. For Alliander, advanced SCADA monitoring in time critical systems is the key to control and the safeguarding of our energy infrastructure. Being part of the INAETICS consortium enables Alliander to gain technical insights on advanced monitoring technology from other sectors (such as defense) and to apply this to the energy domain. The INAETICS project is relevant from an economical and technical perspective. Alliander intents to foster and examine the INAETICS innovative software architecture framework in order to develop practical technology demonstrators.

INAETICS is publicly funded by

INEATICS is publicly funded by the European Union and the government of The Netherlands

European Regional Development Fund

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