University of Twente

December 21, 2013

The University of Twente (UT) has 3,000 employees and about 8,000 students. ICT-related research takes place in the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), the largest academic ICT research centre in Europe. Information security is one of the CTIT’s strategic research directions. The CTIT is one of the founders of the Dutch 3TU.

The Distributed and Embedded Security group (DIES) forms the heart of the information security research at the University of Twente. The DIES group works on data security, network security and cybercrime prevention. The past two years the DIES group participated in various initiatives on protection of critical infrastructures. In particular, the DIES group participated in two national projects which, together with partners from the gas, water and energy sectors, with the goal of increasing the security of critical infrastructure networks.

The DIES group is the birthplace of SecurityMatters, and doing groundbreaking research into the security of industrial control systems. The INAETICS project allows for the DIES group to deepen in close cooperation with Thales and SecurityMatters.

INAETICS is publicly funded by

INEATICS is publicly funded by the European Union and the government of The Netherlands

European Regional Development Fund

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